Welcome to The Vinson Foundation

 Helping Families Coping with Suicide Loss 

In Honor of James V. Vinson


About Jimmy

 A  strong and loving man with a heart of gold.  Always there for his wife,  children, mother, family and friends.  A hard-working man that would  give his last dime to someone in need.  Certified General Contractor by  day and Karaoke DJ by night. 


Sing For Jimmy

 A  Karaoke event was held in his honor in 2014 and raised over $5800 for  the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention's North Florida Chapter. 


Walk For Jimmy

 Our team walks each year in the AFSP Out of Darkness Community Walk that benefits The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention's North Florida Chapter 

We Provide Family Support

 Support  Groups and One-on-One Support for Children and Adults who have lost a  loved one to Suicide.  We provide a safe, confidential and supportive  environment for people to share as much or as little as they choose to.   Talking helps us heal.  We are not a Crisis Center.  We are not trained  counselors or therapists.  We just have good listening skills, strong  shoulders and strong arms for hugs.  We are here for you. 


About Us

We are a Non-Profit Organization

 Designed to help families and friends cope with losing a loved one to suicide.  We are Survivors of a Suicide Loss and volunteer our time and resources to help other survivors left behind. As a 501(c)(3) approved organization we will use 100% of donations for family support.  We are a member of The American Association of Suicidology and The Chamber of Commerce

Our Mission

 Is to support these families and friends as we understand first hand the shock, guilt, anger, depression, rejection, self-pity, fear and anxiety associated with suicide loss.  


 We hold support group meetings on the 2nd and 4th Thursday in Jacksonville, 2nd Tuesday in St. Augustine and 4th Tuesday in Fleming Island/Orange Park area of each month, and are available anytime by phone. 

The Journey Continues

Guardian Angels


 They  have become our Guardian Angels and we look up to them.  Not a day goes  by that we don't need them to watch over us as we go through challenges in life  without them here. 

We Will Never Forget


 We will strive to keep the memories of our loved ones alive.  We hope to take each other back to remember the beautiful life they lived and how much our loved ones had to offer us. 

We Need Each Other


 No one understands our pain and the struggle to keep moving on.  Suicide triples the pain of any other loss.  That pain will never go away.  We just help each other live with it.  Talking about it helps us heal. 

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and helping these families. Your generous donation will fund our mission. 

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Contact Us

Get Involved!

 We  are located at 8613 Old Kings Road South Unit 403, Jacksonville, FL  32217.  Donations can also be sent to our address.  For Support Group  Meetings call  904-509-2749.  You can also send an email to gloriavinson@comcast.net.  The National Suicide Prevention hotline is also available 24/7 at 1800-273-8255.  Crisis Text line is 741741.

The Vinson Foundation

8613 Old Kings Road South, Jacksonville, Florida 32217, United States